The effortless and effective way to keep in touch with past, present and prospective customers.

Have you thought about writing an email newsletter, but been put off by technical requirements that seem too complicated? Maybe you're just not sure where to start or how a newsletter can help your business? Do you think your contact list is too small? Or perhaps you're already publishing a newsletter but finding it takes too much time and effort?

Sending an email newsletter is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your company at the front of your clients' and prospects' minds.

Providing useful and relevant information on a regular basis helps people see you as a valuable source of skills and advice and someone who is happy to share those skills and advice with other people. You increase the chance of turning prospects into clients and then into loyal, repeat clients.

You also make it simple for your existing contacts to spread the word about your business by forwarding your newsletter to people they know.

Just Add Content (JAC) is a service that helps you set up and run a successful email newsletter. We will take the time to design a unique template for you, do all the necessary technical stuff and provide you with all the expertise and marketing advice you need to get started. We'll give you help with avoiding SPAM filters and help you decide what to write and who to send your newsletter to.

All you have to is write the content - unless you'd like us to do that for you too. We will give you a 30 minute training session, to talk you through all you need to know, to help you publish a great first issue. We'll then give you regular support and feedback to help you keep producing great issues that get your message across. We'll help you plan your publishing schedule and will even remind when your next issue is due and when to start writing, if you'd like us to.

JAC is a very personalised email newsletter service. You can't order it on-line and have your template up and running within 24 hours, because everything we do for each client is unique and done to suit your needs.

For these reasons, JAC is not the cheapest on-line email newsletter service you can subscribe to - but it's one of the best!

Just so there are no surprises, you can find out what you can expect from JAC by clicking here.

To find out what it costs, access our demonstration account and see how you can start publishing an email newsletter without any hassle, call me, Chantal Cornelius, on 01635 578 500 or email me on