What Else Can You Get from JAC?

One of the things that makes Just Add Content (JAC) different from many of the other, cheaper newsletter services is the extra help and support that we give to our clients.

If you're part of the JAC club, we'll help you come up with a great name for your newsletter; we'll help you plan what to write and even come up with a list of topics for you to write about. Once you've started writing, we can help by editing what you've done, to turn it into a really polished newsletter. Or if you don't have time to write, we can even take that on for you.

If you're not yet part of the JAC club, we can still help you with the following:

Newsletter Name Generation

All the best newsletters have great names that are really memorable and encourage people to read them.

Are you struggling to think of a creative, catchy name for your newsletter?

For a small fee, we'll do that for you. All you need to do is tell us a bit about your business, what you do and who your clients are and we'll come up with a list of possible names for you. If you decide not to use any of them, you'll get a full refund - but that hasn't happened yet!

Newsletter Reviewing Service

Are you on the right track with your newsletter, or is there something missing? Would you like a newsletter expert to cast their eyes over the latest issue of your newsletter and send you some suggestions for improving it? We can give you this peace of mind for a very small fee.

If we think your newsletter is really great and doesn't need to be improved, we'll refund your fee in full.

Newsletter Editing Service

Writing a regular newsletter isn't everyone's cup of tea and sometimes you may feel like you need some help. Perhaps someone to cast an eye over what you've written and suggest some improvements, to make sure what you've written gets read? Maybe you'd like some ideas on how to encourage your readers to get in touch?

Our editing service will do just this. Send us your copy in something simple like Word and we'll edit it for you. All we ask is that you send it to us at least one week before you're planning to publish it, so we have plenty of time to do a great job for you.

This service is ideal if you're just starting out and need a helping hand for the first few issues of your newsletter, or if you're not that confident about your writing and want some professional input on each issue.

Newsletter Writing Service

For some people, starting with a blank page is just too difficult. Other people think they have to write all their own material, but this isn't the case.

Our writing service starts with getting to know your business and suggesting topics we can write about. One of talented copywriters will then draft your newsletter and work with you until the issue is exactly what you need and what your readers will want to read.

This service is ideal if you're just starting out and want to build a good reputation as a newsletter publisher. It's also perfect if you don't like writing or just don't have time. It's a service you can use as and when you feel you need it. All we ask is that you give us at least three weeks notice to work on an issue for you, so we can do a really good job for you.

To tell us exactly what help you need, email
chantal@justaddcontent.co.uk or call 01635 578 500 and we'll talk
about how we can help.